Listen While You Work

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Our Favorite Mood Music

A famous study from Stanford University shows that listening to music while you work improves focus, productivity, and can help individuals block out distractions. Music also helps improve our moods, boosts our energy levels, and provides a soothing effect when we need it most. At Lamark, we’re always jamming out while we work.

Our company consists of many different people from different backgrounds, with different tastes and interests. This is one of the things we value most. Naturally, all of our music preferences aren’t the same. We asked our teammates to share not only what they’re listening to, but also when they’re listening to it.

We know that some music amps us up and gets us ready to go, while other tunes help us unwind when we’re feeling the pressure. Sometimes, we hit a rut and need something to lift us up a little bit. All of these things are equally important. Check out the Lamark playlists below and pick a theme based on your needs today. You’ll also get a feel for the eclectic mix of our team, which is something we think is beautiful.

Music for When You Need to Focus

If you have a big project you’re working on, or just need to get in the zone, checkout our Focus Playlist. From the mellow sounds of the Dave Matthews Band to EDM mixes and top 40 hits, there’s something for everyone.

Music for When You Need a Boost

Everyone hits a mid-afternoon slump once a while, and that’s okay. Music can help activate your brain and help you stay on track. Even if you just need to rock out for a few minutes while you get back in go-mode.

Music for When You Want to Lay Back & Relax

Decompressing after a long day is important too. It’s how we recharge our minds so that we’re ready to give tomorrow 100% all over again. When you’re looking to unwind, check out this Lamark mix that includes The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Muse, Chris Stapleton, and more.