Search Marketing

Search Marketing is a great way to quickly get your website and/or products in front of an extremely targeted, interested pool of potential new customers. One of the strongest forms of inquiry-based marketing, Search Marketing through both Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression formats, allows us to pinpoint your exact customer and match them with buying signals. Once the relevant search term is entered, we can then position your advertisement directly in front of that potential buyer in real-time. With the right design, an effective search and keyword campaign can save you a lot of time and money, which can drastically increase your ROI and lower acquisition costs.

At Lamark, our experienced and innovative Search Marketing & PPC Management Team will work with you to develop a specific list of keywords and phrases that will most accurately target your ideal customer at their point of interest. We will then work within your budget to strategically manage your campaign, constantly tracking click through percentages and costs per lead and then adjust the program’s fund allocation based on actual results. In doing this, we can ensure your advertisement reaches the largest audience while striving to maintain the lowest cost per click possible.

What’s better? Lamark’s Search Marketing campaigns are always run at actual search engine and partner click costs — not inflated bid rates. What this means is that we will never mark up the cost of each click or visitor. Instead, we operate on a flat, predetermined percentage to manage each campaign. We also lower our fees as your budget increases, helping to lower your costs when you start to grow. Real-time, detailed feedback reports are always available and we provide full transparency on each and every campaign.


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Updated 03/07/2017 Lamark Media Group, LLC understands that you value your information and how it is used and shared. We developed our Privacy Policy to express that we appreciate your trust that we are committed to do so reasonably and responsibly. This Privacy Policy outlines how Lamark Media will collect and use that information. This Privacy Policy applies to all users of this website, whether they are general visitors of our web site, or consumer users who complete and submit information forms. Lamark Media ( and may receive and store any information that you enter on our site or that is provided to us. However, we do not collect any personal information about you unless you voluntarily submit such information to us. Contact information (like your name, phone number, email address, etc.) submitted in our contact forms, careers section and/or newsletter form is collected and used to send you information about our company, business & affiliate partner products and services, or otherwise to contact you for other purposes. The only exceptions are that we reserve the right to disclose personal information to protect our rights or property, or as required by operation of law or the request of government regulators or other law enforcement officials and the courts (including the issuance of a valid subpoena). We shall have no duty to notify you of such compliance with the law. Lamark Media receives certain information about you when you visit our site, and what we do with this information depends on your activity when you are using this site. We will not collect any of your personal information, unless you submit one of the information forms, contact us through e-mail, or use any other products and services that are or will be offered through our website. We collect and store the time and date that you accessed our website and the domain that you used to access the Internet. Our web server may automatically recognize some information, including but not limited to the time and date that you visited our site, pages viewed, the traffic source, the type of browser and operating system you are using. We may also collect the name and address of your Internet service provider. This information will not be linked to usernames or account numbers. We utilize this information to track the number of visitors to our website and to more importantly to improve our service to our customers. In responding to your submission or request through our website, we do value your privacy. By submitting your expression of interest, you are consenting to receive telephone calls from our company and relevant participating partners, even if you have been previously listed on a state or federal Do-Not-Call List. If you submit one of our information forms, contact us through e-mail, or use other products and services that are offered or that will be available through the Lamark Media website, we will collect and store the information that you enter. What information we collect specifically depends upon what you enter. We reserve the right to keep all information collected in an off-line form or database, for archival purposes and/or as otherwise required by law. If you elect to provide us with your email address in order to receive a newsletter from Lamark Media, we will use the necessary information to send your request. Except in the event the Lamark Media business is transferred to another party, we will not share, trade or sell personal information about you for promotional use by unrelated businesses, other than Lamark Media Group and our affiliates or partners. If you chose to provide us with your email address, we may, from time to time, send new offers to our customers on behalf of our business partners or affiliates. If our assets are transferred through merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or any other change of control, customer information will likely be included in the transferred assets of the company. Questions? Please email Thank you!

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